Artist Statement Anett A. Bulano

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Artist Statement

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The abstract.

Legendary adventures.

Mythical heroes.

Otherworldly scenery.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always had a fascination of all of the above and thanks to my family’s love of classic literature, I also developed fascination and curiosity for everything fantastical, everything slightly weird. Historical literature and mythology, whatever place it originated from, fascinated me the most.
In my early upbringing, I’ve often set goals for my future professions. Archaeologist,
Historian, Artist, Librarian, Seafarer, Astronaut, and Doctor,,  I wanted to be all of them and most preferably, all at them at the same time.

My goal was to discover the unknown, new worlds, experience adventures and encounter magical creatures. Often times my love for gaming and the Japanese culture gave me a great place in which I could live out my dreams.
Following my way as an artist, with a lot of branching and bumps along the way.  

Joining the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts gave me the opportunity to deepen my love for performing arts, make-up effects and everything slightly art related. History classes, anatomy for artist and a lot of fascinating, amazing artists.

There I also had my first real encounter with photography. I always was drawn to it, but never had the chance, as no one, I knew growing up, owned a camera.

A new love was born.

With no possibilities to buy a camera with all these other expenses, I was lucky enough to borrow a digital camera from a dear friend, who gave it to me for a whole year.

So the journey began anew.
I photographed whatever I could get in front of my lens.

With advanced understanding, analogue photography followed and I was completely woven into my world of make-up effects and photography. Graduating as a set designer in make-up effects in 2017, I chose to dive into freelance work right away. 

Always in close contact and surrounded by people and the art of film making and stage play, I was constantly confronted with the human psyche.
I developed a deeper interest in psychology and philosophy.

Particularly in the human relationship between life and death.

The confrontation between light and darkness, damnation and salvation.

Black and white.

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But it wasn’t enough. I felt an urging desire to create my own stories, my own vision, And somehow it drew me to photography much more than to any other medium that I could have chosen. And why abstract, if I could have chosen infinite ways to connect my profession and my interests. Well, I think, what didn’t find its way, can still find its own.  

I love to watch out for things others might not pay attention to.

The smallest changes in colour, surface textures, contrasts, artificially created or natural origins fascinate me. I love deteriorating materials and abstract shapes where I can inspire myself to make iconographic interpretations of objects and shapes that I might see.

With the help of macro and close-up photography, I create a new, abstract way of our world. Or maybe, even a vision of another.

I let myself guide by my intuition and my feelings. I want to capture my objects in an almost bird-eye like view.

To make it seem almost painterly.

Sometimes I might even change the coloring to pursue a certain feeling or expression.

In my abstract glass art Series MELANCHOLY OF THE SOUL, I connect the vulnerability of the human soul and the fragility of shattered glass. A Series about times of melancholia and depression. A time when our perception may be clouded and our vision and hopes for the future blurred. Times, where confusion and conflict might build up tension in our environment and inside ourselves. Times when we have to stay together and watch out for one another and build the courage to break out of it. And find back on our way to inner harmony

This Series was inspired by the creeping dread that was spreading in the hearts of people all over the world at the beginning of 2020. 



is an ongoing series where I wanted to show extracellular deposits of unicellular or multicellular, aquatic, photoautotrophic organisms, which I captured in close-up images that allowed me to form a transformation from microcosm to macrocosm. Connecting possibilities of infinite worlds and life that might (or is) possible in our universe.


FOLDED LINES  – reduction, abstraction, monochrome.

A treatise of the human togetherness, formality and separation of the whole. Are we herd animals, a single cell of an unit, or can we also separate ourselves, build our own little universe, and exist independently, yet detached from the whole? In the end, no matter how allinated and lost, we are
Numerous small threads of experience that get woven together as a carpet of life.
Anett Alexandra Bulano

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I love to go on adventures.

In my mind.
Or at least on whatever opportunity I can catch to do so. 

If I can’t do it on my own two feet, I’ll take a book or throw myself into a good old-fashion RPG.

But most of the time, with my camera though.

I really am grateful for life and enjoy even the smallest of things.

Crawling through the mud and lying on the ground is one of my favourite sports, but mostly for photography-related subjects. Then I love this tiny new world that’s seemingly right in front of our eyes. 

And then, the abstract.

Weird and otherworldly shapes fascinate me and I love deteriorating metal, wood and other substances that are full of colour and contrast.

Seeing the world in abstraction gives me the opportunity to merge all my thoughts, interest and ideas and create a new piece of art that connects to our or maybe even other worlds. 

Another of my passions:
Performing arts
and make-up effects. 

There are just too many things that I could talk about this topic but what I love the most is definitely the enormous creative diversity of this profession and the close collaboration with artists of various genres.

Since graduating from the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts Germany, I have been working as a freelancing  Designer for make-up effects for film and stage.
Working for many National and International Productions as Salzburg Festival, SyFy, Skydance Media, EuropeanStarCinema, Czar Film, Fairwork and many others more. 

I’m based in Leipzig and Berlin. My current objective is to deepen point of view in abstract photography and its possibilities and also enjoying this wonderful autumn, 

You are very welcome to read my Artist Statement and my Biography or connect with me on any social media platform and else, please enjoy my website.

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