Metal is a truly fantastic material.

It can create an impression which makes it appear precious from the outside, even if it is “ordinary” in our eyes.

On the other hand, metals to which we don’t pay attention can be the most precious materials in our or other worlds.

I am especially fascinated by the appearance and structures of oxidized metals and those that are already in the process of dissolving.

Let yourself be inspired by my abstract photography of metalic objects and surfaces.


abstract fine art photography the promised

 The promised Bride is the center of all attention, admiring herself, admiring her future, all that might be writen in the reflection of her mirror.

Praying figures and hidden eyes. A scenery that might predict a crash. 

THE PROMISED is a close-up photograph that I took of the broken and scraped surface of an old car on the side of the road. A story, that might tell it self.   


abstract fine art photography OPHIR

A Place or a country of uncertain location that was mentioned in the Bible. Ophir was famous for its wealth. King Solomon himself recieved a cargo from Ophir every 3 years, which consisted of gold, silver, sandalwood, pearls, ivory, apes and peacocks. 1 Kings 10:11.

This metal surface is the outisde layer of an old corroded down pipe that I found mounted onto an old House wall in northern Germany.


abstract fine art photography end of time

A starry night and a beautiful meteor shower, oder ist es der Vorbote zum Ende der Welt? or just a tine glanze on other parts of our galaxy, there, at the end of time.



LONGING is a feeling of desire, of crawing that you want the most. Crawing for love and for the desired thats always on your mind.

Longing is an abstract macro photography of rusted and oxidated metal giving of the otherworldly beauty and colours of old metal.



The Golden Age. In mythological and religious traditions denoting a period of primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity.

An age which, according to legend, lies ahead of us.

Stumbling across this tiny metal surface I was drawn to its golden sheen. Only after processing I noticed all these geometrical elements and that dominant part that reminded me of a construction crane.

Creation, construction and gold – Beginning of the Golden Age.



A mythical island, according to Greek mythology it was considered to be the place where the witch Circe lived.

On this island, Odysseus stayed for a year while trying to get back to his homeland, Ithaca. It is not clear as to where the island was located geographically.
Homer was inconsistent when he described Odysseus’ adventures. Some scholars propose that it was located in the east, somewhere close to King Aeetes’ land.



The scythe raised high, judgement to come.



Inferno, a word which symbolizes the flames of hell. Flames of torment, damnation and that fear, that drives us to follow moral principles. Inferno has a deeply negative connotation. Being deeply rooted in human beliefs and culture, its an important aspect of our culture. Literary works such as Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy take us to the inferno and through the geographical layers of hell. However, an inferno can truly have a positive side, as all things have. Flames say to be purifying followed by resurrection and rebirth. This macro photograph was taken from a corroded and welded piece of metal.

” The artistic creations feel like expressive, abstract paintings,
are in fact macro and close-up photographs,
in which she combines iconographic 
interpretations of mythological subjects
and literary figures. “

Abstract Art Photography by Artist Alexandra Bulano

With my photography I want to draw an almost painterly picture of our world. Reality is within reach – but sometimes I change the colouring of my photographs to pursue a certain feeling, a certain expression.
All this happens intuitively, as I let myself be guided by my feelings and influences.